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Who is Captain Taina?

Captain Taina is from Moorea and the first woman captain of her island. She’s been guiding travellers from all around the world for more than 20 years.

Taina’s family comes from Moorea. She now shows the beautiful parts of her culture and the lagoon where she’s always been living to you. That’s how it is, families stick together and often live in the same part of the island. As a matter of fact, her eco tours start in the family property where they live.

Taina is also a mother who shared her passion for marine life to her three children, bringing them on her eco tours, teaching them how to fish and prepare the local meals. You might meet Kenae, one of her sons, who is now a guide on the excursions. Or Hivaura, her last daughter, practicing our local dance called “Ori Tahiti”.


For more than 20 years, our family has been sharing the wonders of Moorea’s lagoon and its wildlife in a very sustainable and respectful way.

Always in small groups, our eco tour in the Windward Islands guarantee intimacy and high-comfort. Our tour starts in a turtle sanctuary where you’ll be able to swim among them. You might see Ohure Pio, a green turtle that was rescued by Taina in 2007! Now there are about 16 of them living by our side. Afterwards, observe magnificent schools of fish, sting rays, eagle rays and reef sharks. Also, discover sacred and ancient sculptures called “tiki”, that were brought into the sea. Learn their origin and the story of their artist, Tihoti Guy.

For the less experienced in the water, enjoy the marine landscapes and its animals on the Honu Kea, the Glass bottom boat. It is an easy and amazing way to discover the lagoon !

Next, we welcome you to our family’s private Motu. It is a coral island entirely at your disposal where you’ll enjoy a delicious meal with fresh and local ingredients. Start by tasting the Rum of the island, you’ll love it ! Then, learn how to make the Tahitian raw fish salad with coconut milk, try some chicken kebabs and grilled fish and fruits from the island. Depending on what our local fishermen catch (swordfish, Opah or Meka), you’ll enjoy fresh fish directly caught from the Polynesian waters. After lunch, appreciate the calm and tranquility in the shade, on the beach or discover more by swimming around this beautiful Motu.

French Polynesia is an amazing destination, and this is the experience you’ll want to remember.